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Colors of Rajasthan
Sitar Concert by Pandit Krishna Bhatt

Evolved under the patronage of Rajput Kings, Thikanedars and Zamidars (feudal lords), Mānd is an elegant folk-classical genre of singing in Rajasthan. The melodic compositions and song themes of Mānd portray the lives of Rajput royalties. These include love, separation, the sensuous union of lovers, songs of bravery, hunting, drinking, and other social festivities. Mānd compositions are often spoken from the woman’s position.

Such elaborate background and history are sadly known today in a diminished form, primarily as ‘Kesariya Balam,’ a famous folk melody from Rajasthan, or as a ‘folk raga’ incorporated into the classical Raga-Ragini system. Despite the importance of Mānd in developing multiple classical ragas and its centrality in Rajasthani music, its traditional compositions remain relatively undocumented outside the professional Mānd singers’ families.

Pandit Krishna Bhatt has been doing great work conserving and documenting this lesser-known treasure trove from Rajasthan. At Sangeet Sabha, we proudly present this unique concert featuring Pandit Krishna Ji’s work – ‘Colours of Rajasthan – Mānd and Folk Ragas.’ These priceless compositions of rare, authentic songs and some newly revealed folk ragas will bring us glory from the bygone era.

A young and dynamic tabla player from New York, Vivek Pandya, will accompany Pandit Krishna Bhatt during this concert. Vivek has been regarded as a tabla prodigy who can carry the legacy of the maestros to date.

Featuring Artists:
Pandit Krishna Bhatt (Sitar)
Vivek Pandya (Tabla)

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