Sangeet Sabha



Sitar Concert by
Chirag Katti

The melodious and popular Raag Raageshree evokes depths of emotions, sweetness, and romanticism. When you watch this exclusive concert, you will notice that, as young Sitar virtuoso Chirag Katti approaches the alaap, you can feel each note taking the listeners on a meditative and blissful journey that progresses through jor and jhala, followed by Madhya lay gat in Jhaptaal composed by Chirag Katti, himself.

Ojas Adhiya, one of the finest tabla players in India from the current generation of artists, accompanies Chirag in this concert. We’re happy that the duo has performed once again for Sangeet Sabha.

This concert is unique in many ways. Chirag has chosen a composition in Raag Raageshree in a rare taal, Jai Taal, a thirteen-beat cycle to enthrall us all. You can only be amazed by the on-stage chemistry between the two artists and admire the finesse with which they are both presenting this rare Jai Taal together for the first time! The connoisseurs will notice how superbly Chirag raises the notes on the Nineth matra, takes a taan, and lands smoothly on the sam. This unique composition by one of the legends of Hindustani Classical Music, Padma Vibhushan Late Pandit Shivkumar Sharma Ji, makes this performance even more special!

Chirag presents us with a feast of two more gat compositions; the first is composed by Ustad Vilayat Khan Sahab, and the second is by Chirag Katti.

Featuring Artists:
Chirag Katti (Sitar)
Ojas Adhiya (Tabla)

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