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The Paradigm Shift

The soulful experience that the artists present during every concert results from years of hard work and dedication by the artists. Going beyond the traditional way to value the art and the artists, we have conceptualized a unique initiative – Artist’s Support Program.

Sangeet Sabha Artist’s Support Program honors the artists beyond the concert they present, the honorarium and royalties they receive from their timeless recordings. Our vision is to bring in a degree of perpetuity how we value our arts and the artists. 

Sangeet Sabha membership provides you with a unique opportunity to acknowledge the artists of your choice. Once you sign up for the membership, you will automatically participate in our ‘Artist’s Support Program.’ Join us as we bring about the fundamental shift in how we value our arts and the artists! Simply tell us the artist you wish to enjoy, and we shall ensure that we share part of your membership funds with the artist of your choice.


Situated in Brooklyn, NYC, Sangeet Sabha is an organization with a global outreach. Conceptualized and run by the personage deeply devoted to the music, Sangeet Sabha is a movement that brings together the artists and the connoisseurs of music.

Sangeet Sabha is an oasis that captures the zeitgeist in the music presented in the highest quality with seamless technology and promotes unhindered exchange between the artists and the audience. The artists can perform without any binding norms. Sangeet Sabha is the space that creates timeless memories.

With a passion for sharing authentic and exclusive music with the aesthetes, Shri Mohit Dayal conceptualized and founded Sangeet Sabha in 2005. Over the last 16 years, Sangeet Sabha has presented exclusive concerts of eminent artists on this unique platform. We consider it our privilege to host great artists like Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, Pandit Nayan Ghosh, Pandit Ramesh Mishra, Pandit Anindo Chatterjee, Pandit Yogesh Samsi, The Gundecha Bandhu, Shri Ganesh, and Shri Kumaresh, and so many more.

Sangeet Sabha unfolds for the audience the countless facets of music – of different genres, forms, and styles in its most sublime form. We thrive on bringing back the lost harmony for the listeners. More than just entertainment, the experience from our concerts is that of essential nourishment to the soul.

Unique Features

Exclusive concerts by distinguished artists - Available only to the members of Sangeet Sabha; not available on any alternative platforms.

State-of-the-art technological infrastructure - Renders the much-needed futuristic outlook; Every concert presents an ethereal experience. Rendered with the supreme sound and video quality, the presentation is hi-tech, sophisticated, and enriched with every detail that elevates your experience.

Beyond music appreciation - Sangeet Sabha strengthens the bond between the artists and the audience like none other.

Taaleem - An initiative that offers mentoring opportunities by stalwarts to the discerning disciples of music and the budding artists.

Capture the zeitgeist of the music!

Access the archive of extraordinary performances by eminent artists.

Frequently Asked Questions

We offer two different types of memberships. You can watch a single concert by paying only $6, and the concert link will be valid for 14 days. During this period, you can watch the concert you have paid for as many times as you like. You save up to 25% when you sign up for a yearly membership at $49.99.

Sangeet Sabha’s annual membership includes unlimited access to the entire repertoire of our concerts, masterclasses, and all future live performances.

Click on the Login/Sign Up button on top right corner of the Home Page

  • Existing Member – If you are the existing member, look for the ‘Login Here’ sign, enter your email id and password & you’re all set to enjoy the concerts.
  • New Member – If you are a new member, fill in details & make a payment using your credit or debit card. You will receive an email from Sangeet Sabha to confirm your email ID. Once you confirm it, you will be able to login with your credentials and start watching our concerts.

Yes, you can gift the membership of Sangeet Sabha to your family members or a friend. Follow these steps if you want to gift a membership:

  1. Click on the Sign-up button and register with the email id of the person you are gifting the membership to
  2. Set your own password
  3. Make the payment
  4. Share the email ID and password with the person you wish to gift the membership

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