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Pandit Yogesh Samsi - Artist hindustani Classical
Pandit Yogesh Samsi

Yogeshji’s name is synonymous with tabla, and his proficiency as a solo performer, an accompanying artist and pedagogy have set the highest standards.

Yogeshji received initial training from his father, Pandit Dinkar Kaikini, a stalwart vocalist.

Yogeshji is known for his fresh perspective and novel ideas while presenting the philosophy of his Guru, Ustad Allah Rakha while providing a new dimension to Abbaji’s rhythmic thought process. He learnt the tradition and contributed to innovation in the Punjab Gharana.

Yogeshji’s solo performances epitomise diverse techniques and features characteristic of various schools of tabla music. Expansive yet precisely structured, Yogeshji’s tabla concerts are ever so enthralling. Whether it is the traditional composition or sharing the rare treasures lost during partition, Yogeshji’s mastery is impeccable.

Pandit Yogesh Samsi has accompanied leading instrumentalists and vocalists. He lends a unique sensitivity and insightful reflection to his performances with other great musicians and vocalists.

Yogeshji’s efforts and commitment to grooming a new generation of tabla artists and passing on the legacy of Punjab Gharana are commendable. His intention is to nurture creativity and innovative thinking through his teaching approach. Under his guidance, a new generation of independent thinkers is poised to elevate the Gharana to new heights.

Watch the scintillating concerts by Pandit Yogesh Samsi:

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