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Shri Pankaj Misra - Sarangi Player
Shri Pankaj Misra

There is no more incredible blessing for an Indian classical musician than to be born into a great lineage.

The great-grandson of Sarangi virtuoso late Pt. Saraju Prasad Mishra, Grandson of late Pt. Mahadeo Prasad Mishra, Son of Shri Satya Narayan Mishra, Pankaj, was bestowed that great opportunity. Thus he was trained from an early age by the renowned Sarangi player of the famous Banaras Gharana, late Pt. Mahesh Prasad Mishra. Pankaj has received the mantle of his musical forebears with the most tremendous respect and humility whilst working diligently to earn the reputation of an accomplished representative of an impressive and unique musical family.

At a very young age, Pankaj created a style of his own, confirming him with a bright, promising future. He has performed solo and as an  Accompanying Artist at several concerts in India and abroad, such as Dover Lane Music Conference, Nikhil Banerjee Music Conference, Indo-Occidental Symbiosis, Sangeet Piyashi, Sankat Mochan Festival, Mahabalipuram Festival, Chidambaram Festival, Indo-Finnish Festival 1995, Indo-Japan Cultural Festival, XIth Festival DE Musica Dance Eivissa Classica and Festa Asia in Spain, in Deutsche Welle and W.D.R. (German radio & Television), DIG Concerts in all over Germany, Indian Embassy in Berlin, Dalem Museum Berlin, India Concert in Holland, Akzent Theater Vienna, a live concert in Ariana Afghan TV, Cologn to name a few.

Many prestigious institutions have hosted his music, including the Ali Akbar College of Music (California, U.S.A. and Basel, Switzerland), Ragmala Organization (Toronto & Edmonton, Calgary –Canada), Indian Embassy concerts (Berlin and Austria), the Gandharva Music Festival (Netherlands), UCLA, UCSD, UTSA, Cal State University-Los Angeles and,  Cal Arts at the World music Festival.

Pankaj is the Founder and Chair of the Governing Board of Directors for Fenimore Chamber Orchestra, a highly selective and professional chamber orchestra located in Cooperstown, NY. He has worked as Assistant Executive Director at Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, with EOS Orchestra in marketing and assisting the Executive Director. For 14 years, he was Executive Director of the American Singers’ Opera Project in New York City.

Pankaj’s unique playing style and interpretation are admired and sought after by a wide range of professionals, from venerable Indian masters to luminary world musicians.

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