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Sarod Recital concert - Apratim Majumdar and Amit Chatterjee

Sarod Recital by
Apratim Majumdar

Young Sarod virtuoso from Maihar Gharana, Apratim Majumdar, is known for his deep thought process and creativity and is a composer par excellence. In this concert, Apratim’s sarod rendition presents a remarkable combination of dexterity, restraint, and aplomb true to his personality.

Apratim has chosen raag Kausi Kanada for this concert. Raag Kausi Kanada, a famous raga played during the night hours popularly rendered in Malkauns Ang, blends two ragas, Malkauns and Darbari Kanada. A great combination of embellishments like meend, khatkas, and gamaks make it even more sweet and melodic, as you will experience in this concert.

Young tabla player Amit Chatterjee is accompanying Apratim in this inspiring recital. Amit’s tabla renditions are mainly known for their energy, emotion, and variety, encapsulated in superb musicality. In the second part of this concert, you can experience Amit’s short solo performance, demonstrating the learnings he received from Farukhabad and Punjab Gharana styles.

Apratim presents an impressive alaap – jod – jhala to unfold the mood of raag Kausi Kanada, followed by a Gat in Jhaptal, a rhythmic cycle of ten beats where he shows us the beauty of this raag with admirable precision.

In the second part of the concert, Apratim presents a rare raga called ‘Malgunji.’ Melodious raag Malgunji, also a nighttime raga, is a beautiful combination of Raag Raageshree and Raag Baageshree. Apratim gracefully presents this enchanting raga in drut Teen Taal.

Featuring Artists:
Apratim Majumdar (Sarod)
Amit Chatterjee (Tabla)

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