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Sitar Recital Chirag Katti COncert

Sitar Recital by Chirag Katti

An immensely pleasing and peaceful to the ears, Raag Bhatiyar, with its intricate and complex tactics, takes work to perform. In this Sitar Recital, Chirag Katti splendidly reveals the essence and beauty of this early morning Raag. Chirag presents two more compositions based on Raag Charukeshi in this recital.

The world of music is so expansive and deep that even though the musician is not performing, they constantly think about the music in the back of their mind. Creative thinking is, therefore, pivotal for innovation. One of the most proficient and talented young sitarists, Chirag Katti, expresses his vibrancy and identity through his music.

Watch the scintillating Sitar recital presented by the young maestro Chirag Katti with tabla accompaniment by Ojas Adhiya. Either subscribe to our annual membership or watch this single concert by paying a nominal fee.

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Featuring Artists:
Chirag Katti (Sitar)
Ojas Adhiya (Tabla)

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