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Concert sangeetsabha Ustad mashkoor ali khan vocal recital

Vocal recital by
Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan

Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan is a direct descendant of the legendary founders of the famous ‘Kirana Gharana’—the eminent Ustad Abdul Karim Khan and ‘Sartaj-E-Mausiqi’ Ustad Abdul Wahid Khan. Ustad Mashkoor Ji carries this great legacy from the dignified elders who had a commendable influence on classical music in India.

Enjoy Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan’s exhilarating vocal recital of Raag Marwa. From devotion to sadness, raag Marwa touches our hearts with its diverse moods and deep notes. Ustad Mashkoor Ji’s elaborate presentation is characteristic of his unique style of approaching raag and unfolding its beauty to the audience.

This concert also includes bonus videos of rare Ragas. As a connoisseur, you don’t want to miss raag Adana, raag Shahana, raag Zila Kafi, raag Gara, and more. Tarana, presented by Ustad Ji in raag Bihag, Jhaptal, is also one of the highlights of this unique concert.

The Tabla accompaniment by the great maestro Pandit Anindo Chatterjee makes this concert even more special.

Arun Ramamurthy and Aaron Shragge complete the ensemble through their violin and tanpura accompaniment, respectively.

Featuring Artists:
Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan (Vocal)
Pandit Anindo Chatterjee (Tabla)
Arun Ramamurthy (Violin)
Aaron Shragge (Tanpura)

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