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Chirag Katti Artist Sitar
Chirag Katti

One of the most proficient and talented young sitarists, Chirag Katti, expresses his vibrancy and identity through his music. Born in a family of musicians, Chirag received training at an early age from his distinguished father, Pandit Shashank Katti. For over three decades, Chirag has been learning Sirar under his father’s expert guidance.

For over two decades, Chirag has performed classical solo concerts professionally, and he is an ‘A’ grade artist of All India Radio (AIR). He’s one of the youngest artists recorded by Saregama H.M.V., India’s most significant and oldest record label.

In addition to his solo concerts, Chirag has also given several memorable performances with his own ensemble ‘Sitar Rhapsody’ at many famous music festivals and venues across India and abroad. Chirag has also collaborated with many different bands and artists. In addition to his several classical solo performances across the USA, Chirag has also performed in Austria, Japan, South Africa, Thailand, and UAE. When he was only 16 years, Chirag made his International debut as a soloist at Tokyo Radio, Japan.

“An artist shares a unique bond with his instrument. Every artist is passionate and emotional about the musical instrument they play because that’s the essence of their life,” says Chirag. His dedication, commitment, and connection he shares with Sitar are distinctly palpable in his performances. Chirag’s passion for excellence and creativity has earned him several accolades, including the prestigious ‘Surmani Award.’

Chirag believes that the creative process comes naturally, not just through years of practice, but the constant strive for excellence and something unique that makes him raise the bar during each performance. Chirag has the unique ability to approach the intricacies of a complex raga with a panache and captivate the audiences by splendidly revealing the beauty and essence of a raga. His original compositions stand testament to his years of practice.

Chirag is also an experienced music educator and Sitar tutor teaching at an international school in Mumbai. He has also conducted several workshops, lecture-demonstrations at different schools, colleges, and universities in the USA.

Watch a mesmerising concert by Chirag Katti from our archives

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