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Flute Recital by
Rupak Kulkarni

Let us take you on a serene musical journey. Experience calmness through this magical Bansuri (Flute) recital featuring Raag Marawa by Pandit Rupak Kulkarni with tabla accompaniment by Shri Hindole Majumdar.

The beauty of Indian Classical Music is such that although Raag Marwa takes the same six notes (SrGMDNS) as Raag Puriya and Raag Sohni, this Sunset Raga unfolds an entirely different range of emotions from the other two. From the depth of devotion to the depth of sadness, Raag Marwa touches our hearts, whereas Raag Puriya brings out youthful and Raag Sohni shows playful emotions.

“Thinking is quintessential for the creative process of the music,” says Pandit Rupak Kulkarni. “Experience and keen observation while listening to the maestros, learning from great legends gives me this immense food for thought even when I am not playing the instrument or practising. The ‘Chintan’ or thinking process is going on continuously in my brain,” he adds further.

With his unique style, Shri Hindole Majumdar from Punjab Gharana complements the melody from Bansuri, the Flute, presented by Pandit Rupak Kulkarni.

Our concerts give you a unique opportunity to be close and personal with the artists & witness the creative process they have in mind, the way they’re conceiving the raga or composition they are presenting.

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Featuring Artists:
Pandit Rupak Kulkarni (Flute)
Hindole Majumdar (Tabla)

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