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Sitar Recital by Pandit Manu Kumar Seen

Sitar Recital by
Pandit Manu Kumar Seen

Beginning with a very advanced rendition of Raag Yaman, one of the most fundamental evening ragas in Indian Classical Music, Pandit Manu Kumar Seen’s immersive sitar notes touch our heartstrings. A feeling of complete surrender of one’s soul, this musical performance expresses the ultimate humility.

Manu Ji mesmerises us with his meditative sitar rendition, starting with a slow development called alaap, followed by jod and jhala. Having learned from his guru, Ustad Shahid Parvez Khan, Manu ji showcases the Tantrakari (technical) and Gaayaki (singing) Baaj in his performance.

Anubrata Chatterjee, a talented and accomplished young tabla player from India, accompanies Manu Ji in this concert. Anubrata showcases multiple rhythm cycles on tabla, starting with a ten-beat Jhap Taal followed by Madhya Lay Ek Taal and progressing to the Drut Gat in Teen Taal.

In the concert’s second part, Pandit Manu Seen ji presents a rare gem of a raga from the Khamaj family called Raag Gavati. In Punjab, this raag is also referred to as Shuddh Bheem. Unlike other ragas, the appeal of Raga Gavati may not be very pronounced; however, it leaves us with delightful contentment and energetic, positive vibes.

The concluding piece of this fantastic concert is a dhun in Raag Mishra Khamaj, a composition that elevates the upbeat tempo and gives a soul-stirring experience.

Concerts like this in such an intimate setting greatly influence an audience and hold immense significance. We at Sangeet Sabha are grateful to our audience for their wholehearted support, and it gives us much-needed energy to bring more concerts that enrich lives.

Featuring Artists:
Pandit Manu Kumar Seen (Sitar)
Anubrata Chatterjee (Tabla)

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